Opera Maritim Restaurant, Palma de Mallorca

In the heart of Palma, a new venue opens, more than a gastronomic space; it is a tribute to the passion for flavors, camaraderie, and culinary tradition. As lovers of palate pleasures, the Opera Group has transformed this corner into a stage where ingredients become the protagonists of an exquisite “GastronomicOpera.”
Every corner of the restaurant is imbued with the essence of dinners among friends, shared laughter around the table, and secret recipes passed down from generation to generation. The atmosphere is infused with the warmth of family kitchens and the magic of stories shared around the table.
The refurbishment has been carefully designed to reflect the essence of these experiences. The chosen materials are like the ingredients of a perfect recipe: precisely selected to accentuate authenticity and connection to our culinary roots. Solid wood, with its natural grain, evokes the feeling of being in nonna’s kitchen, while warm and earthy tones create a cozy atmosphere that invites diners to feel at home.
Architectural details, inspired by the “Symphony of Flavors” that we are so passionate about, intertwine with the decor, forming a visual harmony that reflects the diversity and complexity of our dishes. Artisanal tiles, with their unique patterns, symbolize the variety of textures and flavors that our customers can expect to enjoy in every bite.

Ubicación: Palma.
Date: December 2023

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