Wood and laminate flooring

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The wooden floor is a good choice in any interior design project, whether it is a renovation or new construction. It’s an option that brings warmth and a sense of comfort to any space.

Natural wood is a nice material compared to other types of synthetic flooring. Besides being a very noble material it brings great quality and warmth to the space, all without neglecting its durability, strength and high thermal and acoustic insulation. On the other hand, it’s a solution made from natural materials. Although the pieces are treated to have greater strength and durability, the finishes are very unique and heterogeneous, each one of them is unique, which makes the space more dynamic and attractive.

In this section, we offer a wide range of products for wood flooring installation, made with different types of wood, shades and finishes. You can easily integrate them into your project style, the interior environments and even the furniture of the space where it will be located. In addition, all our parquet woods are manufactured by leading European brands in the sector, such as Original Parquet or Kronopol.

In recent years, laminate flooring has evolved enormously in technologically and aesthetically ways. Laminate flooring has become one of the preferred floors by many users due to the possibilities compared to other types of flooring. This flooring is composed of a high-density wood fiberboard, on which a decorative layer is placed to give it the desired appearance, imitating wood in this case, and in the most superficial part, a transparent protective layer of resin sheets that provides greater resistance to wear and waterproofing.

Its quality-price ratio, simple installation system, high resistance and durability, and ease of maintenance and cleaning, make this option the most convenient in spaces of high use. We believe that laminate flooring is a very interesting solution for all types of projects and spaces. In our catalogue, you can find a wide range of laminate flooring, with many styles, formats, colours and textures, getting imitations of virtually all natural woods, ideal for a warm and elegant atmosphere.

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