Aggregates and gravels

Productores Picadis

In Almacenes Femenías we have a wide variety of aggregates and gravels, suitable materials for use both in construction, as drainage or as an ingredient for making mortars and concretes. Also, it can be used for the conditioning and decoration of outdoor areas and gardens, creating paths, differentiating areas or protecting areas with vegetation and flowerbeds.

Both the sands and gravels that we offer in our catalogue have a wide variety of diameters and colours, giving room for all kinds of proposals and responding to all kinds of functional and stylistic needs and preferences. Gravels, decorative stones, flat stones, garden stones, pebbles, boulders, boulders, pebbles, gravel, sands and decomposed granite, crushed aggregates, marbles, etc., Everything you need to create and design the landscape environment that you like. In addition, in our commitment to the environment and sustainable development, our products are “Km0”, they come from local suppliers who obtain them through the recycling of construction and demolition waste, which also favours the circular economy.

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