Prefabricated products

Balautres y derivados
Prefabricados Riutort

The prefabricated elements aim to facilitate construction, reducing the number of steps in the construction process, allowing a faster and more agile work; giving greater precision in the compositions, shapes and finishes; They reduce the environmental impact because their installation is generally low water use and they usually don’t generate much waste.

In Almacenes Femenías we are committed to increasingly efficient and sustainable construction. We are expanding our selection of prefabricated products, providing more and more solutions to meet all kinds of uses and needs: decorative lattices, blocks and facing bricks, pavements, pool copings, cladding, landscaping elements… Products of very different natures and scales, with a wide variety of formats and finishes, from recognized brands in the sector such as Verniprens, Sas, Ulma, Celosias, Bloques cara vista and Bloque Split.

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