Acoustic insulation and decorative solutions

Orac Decor
Petra Antiqua

Acoustic panels are surfaces whose material composition can condition a space acoustically. Absorbing or diffusing the sound inside, depending on the needs.

We bet on brands that are in constant development, always seeking to respond to the latest trends without abandoning the best quality in their products. In this case, you can find acoustic panels that go beyond the concept of an insulating element and go a step further in their participation in the composition of the architectural design. These panels have been designed to fit into any stylistic proposal, either because they integrate perfectly into the environment, or because they become a prominent element that gives personality to the space.

Decorative solutions are made up of all those ornamental elements that specialize in the decoration of surfaces, mainly walls and ceilings. These bring movement to the space through volumes, the play of light and shadow, the differentiation between spaces, and the changes of patterns… generating a great spatial richness, which gives a singular and attractive personality to the space. The decorative elements on walls and ceilings have become a timeless trend, they do not go out of fashion, they are solutions that generally seek a more elegant character in the proposals and that work as a good resource to enhance and focus attention on certain points or elements of space.

In our catalogue, we have a large varity of decorative solutions such as baseboards, mouldings, ceiling medallions, and all kinds of elements that reinforce the style line of the interior space. All these elements can be found in different materials, such as plaster, wood or extruded polystyrene, to respond to the different needs found in the project. They are prefabricated pieces with multiple formats and geometries, and they are also very easy to install. We also offer the appropriate tools for working with these pieces and adhesives for all types of installations and finishes.

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