Studs and profile

Orac Decor
Schlüter Systems

Studs and profiles allow us to carry out the implementation of a wide variety of installations of different materials, dimensions and complexities, such as the assembly of partition walls and false ceilings, the fastening of elements, or even the formation of lighting or curtain installations. These products are required to provide the highest possible quality, functionality and durability because their applications are very heterogeneous. They are elements that demand high productivity and safety to always provide precise and elegant results.

Within the Almacenes Femenías catalogue, you can find all kinds of technical and decorative profiles, angles and corners, profiles for steps, profiles for movement joints, profiles for perfect finishes of ceramic flooring, rails, etc., as well as accessories for these profiles, which allow you to expand the range of arrangements and generate infinite combinations between them and with other elements. All of them are in a wide range of dimensions, sections and materials (such as steel, aluminium, brass, iron, PVC, and wood, among others). In this section, we can find brands of great relevance in the market such as Schlüter, Durall, Perfil Iberia, Emac, Plasdecor, Cercol and Toffolo, which provide products of the highest quality and precision to carry out these works rigorously and safely.

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