Vinyl and alternative floor and wall coverings

Gastón y Daniela
Santos Monteiro

Nowadays one of the most popular synthetic flooring alternatives is vinyl flooring. This has become the ideal flooring, especially for renovations. Its installation is extremely simple and it can be laid over the existing substrate without losing space or compromising its conditions. It is very resistant to water and it has very simple maintenance thanks to its composition. Also, technological development has increased the diversity and attractiveness available with this type of material.

In Almacenes Femenías we offer a wide range of vinyl flooring, both for the variety of finishes available: wood, cement, stone, tile, etc., and its installation system, click vinyl slats, self-supporting or adhesive. An ecological and highly durable alternative for all types of spaces.

In addition, within our alternative flooring, we also offer carpet flooring. In addition, within our alternative flooring, we also offer carpet flooring. Although it is a solution that is currently less common in Spain than in other European countries, it’s a very comfortable type of flooring. It has great performance and enough versatility to adapt itself to very different programs and styles. One of its most outstanding features is its ability to thermally regulate spaces, both in summer and winter, which reduces energy consumption, as well as its high acoustic and impact damping.

We work with brands with very high functional and aesthetic levels. They manufacture them in countless textures and colours, as well as in multiple formats: modular carpets, tiles, rolls, cut piles, loops, with combinations of different heights, etc., This variety allows all kinds of combinations when projecting and selecting the products. This makes the design possibilities with carpet flooring are unlimited

Wallpaper is generally a decorative resource that gives personality to spaces in a simple and versatile way thanks to new techniques and material solutions. They are very resistant and easy to maintain. They can be used in any room and can also be combined with other types of wall and ceiling coverings, such as paint and decorative elements.

We offer you a wide variety of wallpaper of different materials (vinyl, polyester, PVC, textile-based, etc.), with different finishes, colours and textures (even textured or embossed papers), so that you can combine and create your ideal space through the wallpaper.

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