Cement y mortars

Weber Saint-Gobain

Cement and mortars are essential products for construction and allow to carry out a wide variety of works of fixing, assembly and installation, filling and repair, as well as the manufacture of the elements themselves.

We offer you a wide range of mortars for repair and technical mortars for filling or levelling surfaces, glue mortars and dry mortars, adhesive glue mortars for laying bricks, ceramic pieces and blocks, as well as grey and white cement, quick cement for tasks that require immediacy, waterproofing cement, etc., Any of them allow you to achieve the best quality in the work and raise it to another level. All these products are also suitable for the manufacture of concrete and prefabricated products, as well as for other works such as trench formation or underpinning.

Our catalogue is made up of top-quality products from highly recognized brands such as Cemex, Weber, Sika, Cercol, Mapei and Kerakol. In addition, we also have sustainable products in this section such as air lime and hydraulic lime mortars, and breathable mortars that can be used both outdoors and indoors through suppliers such as Weber, Cercol, Mapei and Grupo Puma.

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