HD surface
Weber Saint-Gobain

Flooring is one of the latest trends in interior design and architecture. But, we believe that it is not only a question of fashion and aesthetics but also functionality and practicality. In addition to presenting a generally more elegant and versatile finish than other types of flooring, these floors stand out for their high resistance and durability, their easy cleaning and maintenance, their high resistance to fire, and the possibility of placing them also in outdoor spaces. In addition, another advantage of this type of flooring is that they have a wide variety of textures available, which make it possible to place it in any type of room and that it integrates perfectly into the whole.

In Almacenes Femenías we want you to feel the materials in their essence, to achieve textures and visual and tactile perfection that turn the space into an experiential place through flooring that reflects its purity. We offer you all kinds of materials to create continuous floors, of different natures and finishes. We highlight resins, cement and micro cement, and all the products necessary to install and make that floor a reality.

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