Insulation and waterproofing

Schlüter Systems

Insulation is one of the most sought-after products in the construction sector for new construction and renovation works. Through insulation we seek to provide the space with the greatest climatic and acoustic comfort possible, therefore, these products must provide the best possible quality and resistance.

There are multiple options when choosing the right insulation, both in terms of its composition and consistency as well as its location within the building. The options available in our catalogue seek to respond to the various needs, providing the most commonly used insulation in work such as rock wool, extruded or expanded polystyrene and rigid polyurethane foam. Also, many other more natural and sustainable alternatives, which in addition to not being harmful to health and reducing pollution, are recyclable, biodegradable and also much more durable than conventional insulation, such as cork, wood fiberboard, cellulose or sheep wool.

Within our insulation catalogue, you will find products for facade protection, wall insulation, insulation for roofs and horizontal partitions, false ceilings, interior and exterior insulation for ducts, acoustic insulation, and thermal insulation systems for exteriors (SATE), among others. All of them are manufactured by leading brands in the sector such as Ursa, Danosa, Rockwool, Polynum, Weber, Mapei, Baumit and Grupo Puma.

One of the utmost importance for the correct use of a building is protecting against the entry of water, since not only the functioning, useful life and aesthetics of its structures and components depend on it, but also the climatic and atmospheric conditions of the interior, and also it can affect the health of the occupants of the space. For this reason, proper waterproofing should be one of the priorities in the construction or rehabilitation of a building.

In Almacenes Femenías we offer a wide variety of waterproofing products: polyurethanes, PVC protections, liquid coatings, bituminous pastes, impregnations, tapes, acrylics, rigid waterproofing, etc. All this is to protect structures, walls, facades, slabs, ceilings and roofs against water and humidity in all kinds of situations. We also have waterproofing for foundations, tunnels, tanks, swimming pools and retention basins, bridge decks, E.D.A.R., clean and drinking water tanks, of notable brands such as Sika, Drizoro, Cercol, Weber, Wedi and Schulüter.

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