Hardware, safety and footwear

Flores Cortés

These are the essential elements to be able to carry out all construction and installation tasks, as well as the most detailed jobs.

We offer a wide variety of hardware tools and machinery, suitable for each specific job and that provide an infinite number of possibilities and utilities. We have a large stock to supply drills, combination and demolition hammers, nail gun and welding tools, sanders and files, planers, milling machines, jointers, saws, grinders, screwdrivers, pliers, etc., This allows a wide variety of applications in different fields such as masonry, carpentry, locksmithing, plumbing or electricity. Our catalogue consists of top-quality products from leading brands such as Dewalt, Stanley, Rubi, Bellota, Fischer and Ceys.

We must not forget safety equipment and footwear to complete the construction process. Products that adapt to the needs of a wide variety of jobs and trades, and that allow them to be carried out in a comfortable and protected way. We have a wide range of respiratory and eye protection equipment, helmets, harnesses, headphones and work clothes, to guarantee safety at work. Our leading brands in this category are Sparco, Bellota, Jar, Ponsa, 3L International and Exena.

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