Water channelling and drain

Schlüter Systems

Wastewater systems are one of the cleaning processes within the buildings that try to pass unnoticed, but still, constitute one of the most relevant phases within the sanitation process. The collection and evacuation of wastewater must be carried out safely and accurately throughout the building since the fulfilment of these is of utmost importance for the operation of the whole building. Products are needed to develop these functions with the highest performance and quality.

We offer a wide selection of elements and accessories for the proper installation and development of the collection, pipeline and evacuation of wastewater within any architectural typology: PVC pipes and gutters of various sizes and colours for proper adaptation, stainless steel drainage and exterior drainage to filter, waterproof and protect against water, manhole covers, gutters, drains, etc… We also have solutions for landscaped roof systems, a very ecological and decorative system that allows us to drain the water on the roofs in a discreet way and enjoy additional space in urban buildings and family homes.

We provide solutions to all construction needs and offer quality products from leading brands in the sector such as Schlüter, Guru, Aco, Dakota, Cainox and Jimten.

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