Enclosure walls and drywall


Exterior walls are the key to architecture and interior design. They are the elements that allow us to create space within space and generate certain atmospheric conditions. The definition of an exterior wall is very complex, because the possibilities are endless, and go as far as our imagination and technological development. In Almacenes Femenías we want to provide all possible tools to promote the progress and growth of spaces, offering all kinds of materials that may be needed within such a broad category.

Walls that allow separating spaces from each other, facade enclosures that control the exterior space from the interior, plot enclosures, etc., All of them determined by their material composition, their geometry, their permeability, their lightness, their level of transparency, whether they are fixed or have some degree of mobility… To respond to any type of the desired solution, we provide all types of products, blocks, bricks, stone, and thermal insulation systems for exteriors (SATE), grilles, posts, concealment meshes, doors, etc.

Nowadays, the quickest and easiest solution to build and distribute spaces is through plasterboard interior walls. This type of partition wall is mainly composed of plasterboard panels (generally 1 or 2 on each side of the partition wall) anchored to metal studs that provide stability to the structure. A fairly simple and practical solution, which allows multiple possibilities when configuring the interior spaces.

In our ambition to provide the materials and the means to make the design and the work much easier and more pleasant, we offer you a wide range of materials to assemble and install all types of drywall partitions: laminated gypsum boards, plasterboard, drywall, dry partitioning that waterproofs and generates thermal insulation, all in one product (Wedi panels), Hydropanel systems (non-combustible boards with high resistance to humidity and permeability to water vapour), finishing pastes, fine and joint fillers, finishing tapes, joining elements, etc.

All these products are supplied by leading brands in the sector, such as Pladur, Gypfor, Wedi and Schlüter.

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