Beautiful Rural-Style Semi-Detached House in Montuïri , Mallorca

The construction of this semi-detached house in the south of the island of Mallorca is an example of rural design with a modern touch that simplifies spaces and connects interiors with exteriors under the concept of nature.

The house, with modernized rural style, has been designed to respect the natural beauty of the surroundings. Large windows and sliding doors integrate perfectly with the surrounding landscape, maximizing the connection between the interior and exterior.

The focus on modern lines and a natural color palette translates into a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere throughout the house. The living room becomes the epicenter of the house, effortlessly connecting with terraces and outdoor spaces.

The bedrooms, each with its private bathroom, offer a sense of elegance and calm, while the kitchen and dining area follow the same modern and minimalist aesthetic. This project is an example of how rural and modern design can come together to create a space that celebrates nature and outdoor living in the south of Mallorca.

Location: Alcudia.
Date: September 2023

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